Pathways for Progress

MAG's transport policy template document



Motorcycle Framework

Joint publication by Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)/Highways England/National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) policy template document



Leuven Report

Dutch report which demonstrates that a 10% modal shift from single occupancy cars to PTW's yields a 40% reduction in congestion



TfL Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook

Guidelines for transport scheme designers to make the infrastructure safe for motorcyclists – relevant to all councils.



Government's Motorcycle Strategy 2005

DfT Motorcycle Strategy

Motorcycling and Congestion – Halcrow

UK study of congestion benefits of PTW's



TfL – PTW in Bus Lanes

TfL study on journey time and emissions for PTW's in bus lanes



Wheels To Work

Best practice guide


DEFRA/DfT Technical Report for CAZ

Technical report for Clean Air Zones - refer to page 38 "The impact of including motorcycles and mopeds in CAZs have not been modelled. These vehicles only represent a small proportion of total NOx emissions so it is not expected that they will be included in the access restrictions for the majority of zones."