09/11/17 Worcestershire County Council Local Transport Plan

Worcestershire’s new Local Transport Plan (LTP4) was consulted upon earlier this year (2017) and was fully adopted on 9 November 2017.

So what did MAG do about it?

West Midlands MAG sent a response to Worcestershire County Council's Local Transport Plan consultation back in March this year, and met with transport planners to discuss the details. The new Transport Plan was formally adopted on 9th November.

We have succeeded in getting a very pro-motorcycling policy in place and will now continue work to see that the policies turn into positive action to improve the roads and parking facilities for all riders in Worcestershire.

The policy states that WCC will:

"promote motorcycling as a suitable travel option for many journeys",

"specifically consider permitting motorcyclists to use bus lanes",

"identify features that act as a barrier to motorcycling and formulate a plan to overcome these",

"establish more motorcycle parking spaces with suitable security and shelter"

See the relevant parts of the Consultation Report here

See the relevant part of the Policy Document here


Another demonstration of the work MAG does to promote motorcycling in the West Midlands