Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Controlled Parking Zone Consultation

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What is it all about?

There is currently a consultation taking place for on street parking in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

 Currently there is a combination of pay & display bays, permit holder bays and free bays. The Council are proposing to make all free bays either pay & display or permit holder bays.

 As bikers pay and display does not work for us, so in effect this move will remove any provision for on street parking of PTW's in the Jewellery Quarter.

 What is MAG doing?

MAG has responded to the consultation requesting that the issue is addressed and the opportunity taken to introduce a dedicated motorcycle bay with secure parking facilities. An initial response to the proposal from Peter Bethell (Principal Transportation Officer) has confirmed that this suggestion will be considered and goes on to ask where we would consider a dedicated PTW parking bay could best be located.

This looks like a positive step towards Birmingham City Council providing its first fit for purpose on street secure PTW parking facilities, but to really secure this we need your help.

 What should you do?

Peter Bethell has requested that responses are sent to the survey at . You will see however that there is a separate survey for each street in the Jewellery Quarter (22 in all!), so this will be a bit laborious. We would suggest therefore that you simply email comments to

 Please email with details of your preferred location for a dedicated PTW parking bay, but be sure to comment that the bay needs to provide secure parking facilities (ground anchors or rails) and ideally “captured chain” stations with helmet storage lockers. Feel free to suggest that the facilities should be provided free of charge and that they should ideally e covered by CCTV cameras and clearly signposted both at the location and with directional signs as you enter the Jewellery Quarter area.

 It is really important that a good number of responses are sent so that the Council cannot just conclude that there is no real demand for these facilities. Don't let this opportunity go to waste.


Responses need to be sent by 11th August 2017, so get emailing!