24/11/17 Secure Parking in Birmingham

West Midalnsds MAG has responded to a Birmingham City Council Consultation on cycle parking.

The City Council has asked for views on plans to provide a large number of secure parking facilities for cyclists in the city.

MAG West Midlands has pointed out that despite the City's parking policy showing equal priority to cycle and motorcycle parking, the number of motorcycle parking spaces has remained static, and only 1 bay in the entire city provides any form of ground anchor or rail.

MAG's proposal is simple and financially sensible: Make the new cycle parking facilities dual use wherever possible.

This proposal would allow for sensible levels of secure parking for motorcycles to be made available in line with the City's own parking policy, whilst having little if any financial impact. The funds are already there for cycle parking, so lets see some common sense applied.

Please feel free to add your voice to the consultation here: https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/…/bcr-cycle-parking-2…/

You can see West Mids MAG's submission here: