17/12/15 - Movement for Growth

Movement for Growth

The West Midlands Strategic Transport Plan “Movement for Growth” was approved by ITA on 17 December 2015. 

The 20 year plan draft mentioned PTW's only once in the entire document.  Following consultation with local MAG volunteers and Leon Mannings (MAG Campaigns and Policy Adviser), the final version now, in line with the MAG Pathways for Progrees document, includes significant policy statements regarding Powered Two Wheelers as follows: 

Powered Two Wheelers (PTWers)


The benefits that use of motorcycles and mopeds have for our nine objectives are recognised. This is particularly related to where low emission PTWers can be used as a low cost means of travel for journeys to services, employment and education where other alternatives to the car aren’t practical options. In efforts to ensure this contribution of powered two-wheelers, the West Midlands will work towards improving the safety of PTWers with activity to reduce speed related collisions, reduce right turning vehicle collisions, increase compliance with the rules of the road, increase the use of personal protective equipment by motorcyclists and improve motorcyclist skill and riding behaviour.


These safety initiatives will supplement initiatives to facilitate motorcycling as a choice of travel within a safe and sustainable transport framework. These include provision of more, secure parking for PTWers, allowing PTWers in bus lanes, as is the case in Birmingham and London, and ensuring traffic management scheme design takes into account the requirements of PTWers. Measures to improve conditions for cycling need to be mindful of any potential adverse impacts on PTWers


See the full document here.