Enough Is Enough

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Bike theft in the West Midlands is on the increase.

Figures for the first 6 months of 2017 show that thefts have risen by 51% compared to the same period in 2016.  See more depressing facts and figures here.

Currently you are 16 times more likely to suffer theft of your vehicle as a rider in the West Midlands than as a car driver.

MAG is putting in a large amount of work to get this issue addressed appropriately both nationally and in the West Midlands.  You can see MAG's position statement here, but what can you as an individual do to help combat this problem.

Lock it or Lose it

Whilst we may all feel that we should not need to, the reality is that using additional security devices on your bike is a necessary evil these days.  

We urge all riders to use chains, disc locks, trackers, alarms and marking kits to protect their bikes.  Don't think that your bike is not likely to be stolen.  No matter what you ride your machine is a target for theft.  Don't think you will be immune because you keep it out of sight n your garage, shed or back garden. Don't think parking in broad daylight in a busy public place means your bike is safe.  Don't think that because you will only be stopped for 5 minutes that you can afford to risk it. Always use additional security devices, get the best you can afford, but even a cheap lock is better than none at all.

  • If you see someone trying to steal a bike call 999
  • If you see damage to a bike or see suspicious activity call 101
  • If you have intelligence on motorcycle crime, call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 1111

You can also help by speaking to fellow bikers and asking them to lock their bikes too.  

MAG has produced A5 leaflets which you can download and print here.

If you want a supply of pre-printed leaflets and will use them email cbrown@mag-uk.org with your address details and I will send some out to you.  Please bear in mind that these leaflets cost money, so only request them if you are serious about helping to spread the word to other bikers.