Cannon Hill Motorcycle Security Event

MAG Motorcycle Security Event 2017


The Brum Demo Run will terminate at Cannon Hill Park.  Our arrival there will mark the opening of the Motorcycle Security Event.

MAG are working hard with Police, Councils, MCRG, MCIA etc to help fight the issue of bike theft.  This is an ongoing battle that we have been fighting for years, but is certainly coming front and centre stage these days.

This event aims to help riders understand the risks and the actions they can take to keep their machines safe from theft.

We are running a Raffle sponsored by Secure AutoTrack - win a motorcycle tracker for your bike

We have teamed up with a few suppliers to provide discounted security products

We have organised Information and Advice stands from bodies such as the Police and Sold Secure

We will be running the MAG National Slow Riding Championship to keep you entertained.