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Brum Demo 2017


In 2015 official West Midlands Police figures show 1309 motorcycles were stolen.  That is 25 every week.

Of the 1309 stolen, 1251 were never recovered.

Of the 1309 stolen the Police investigation resulted in no suspect being identified for 1231 of those thefts.


The West Midlands Combined Authority pledges in its transport policy document (Movement for Growth) that more secure parking will be provided for PTW's: so where is it?


Sadly the Heart of England Rally will not be put on this year.  We have had to take this decision as a result of dwindling support.  We cannot to run the event at a loss.

If you wish to see a return of the Heart of England Rally and are willing to lend a hand to organise and promote it, please get in touch.